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Welcome! We two avatars are waiting at the front of the wall where reality ends. We are ready to transform into "you", to be the center of your attention. We are present on the screen to be walked through the virtual world - and soon you will say "I walk here", and you will forget that you are sitting, sitting in any room in reality, using mouse and keyboard of a computer.

left side:

Hi, this is Chrissie Himmel. Thanks for your compliments. In my virtual world most of the girls present proportions like mine. Imagine that I am a 100-pound lady with grey hair in reality :-)

right side:

Hello, this is Hallo Turbo- yes, my prename is not common, but short and understandable. It connects the human start "hello" with the sound of a machine: "turbo". And thatīs me: A human person gives instructions to a virtual robot

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