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Gifts of Virtuality

- No gravity. Houses and people can fly. If you built tricky, you imitate gravity most of the time, but suddenly and surprising you let something hang in the air. And if you fly stylish, you put on your wings as long as you fly. But if you ever forget - don´t care, move on through the air :-)

- Lots of space. 10.000 qm for 100 Euro a month... virtual palaces won´t last as long as in reality, but long enough to inspire, to be admired and to give lessons about the feelings you get if your building dreams are fullfilled.

- Money doesn´t matter. Entering a virtual world and sightseeing generally doen´t cost a cent. For short time builders exist  free-of-charge "sandboxes". Just if you settle down on land of your own, you have to pay "tier". You´ll meet an inland market in the virtual world, and soon you will wish to buy clothes, animations, and effects. But even this stuff won´t be able to make you poor in reality.

back to the German text who says that these words from 2009 belong to the beginning of Chris´ writing about art

The virtual world - is it empty enough for your creativity? Sometimes truth comes out, and people hide in small discos, where lots of species come together, even in virtual space, instead of taming the universe.