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The Internet Solution

Virtual environments can be built in any "Metaverse" in the internet. For the visitors of the room in reality there must not be a question like "is it Linux or Mac" and so on. Chris Mennel for example uses the eldest metaverse, "Second Life", on a Windows platform. For open-source-fans lots of private servers with SL-like-interfaces are under construction. But the pleasure of interacting with 50.000 to 70.000 avatars online at the same time will be reserved for some years to the original "Second Life" world.

Chris Mennelīs basic virtual construction offers five buildings with media functions:

- the Majestic Theatre, a cinema

- the Artitstīs Tower, a gallery

- a hall for virtual objects, called "Melting Pot"

- a photo studio for life activity

- a "Holodeck" mixing real pictures with virtual objects


Besides that a playground is installed for inworld-artists - starting empty, waiting for ideas and constructions. It differs from so-called "sandboxes", because just a couple of builders are allowed to built. Griefers have less possibilities that way.

Picture above: Virtual houses under conctruction. The architect (hm.... exactly it is his avatar) stands on a platform above.


Picture on the left: The playground - will it look like that for a day, and then change again?